Litter Free Lunches

One of our local preschools Lincoln Kidsfirst is leading the way in Sustainability. They have challenged all local schools and preschools to be Litter Free in November. We are taking up the challenge and trying to reduce or remove the waste from our lunch boxes.  On Pets Day there were some wonderful examples of Healthy Litter Free Lunches.
We are offering an incentive to help classes get up and running with these concepts. From next week we will be monitoring classes and collecting data about the number of litter free lunches. The winning class will have a day of fun of their own choosing and their teacher will have a free  work day allocated.  Please help your children to participate.
We often see Gladwrap, muesli bar wrappers, chip packets and more floating around our grounds. It is unsightly and adds to the mountains of rubbish entering landfills every day around the world. Becoming Eco friendly benefits our planet but it also makes us think about the quality of food which we consume. Highly processed foods are convenient but how good is the nutrient value? We know that families often have both parents working and it is tough trying to manage daily chores like making lunches. However by involving your children in making healthy choices, they may actually make it easier  for you. Even small children can select from healthy options and place in containers when they don't need to use Gladwrap. 
Remember that it doesn't need to be fancy expensive lunch boxes. Re-use the small containers that you get products in. Buy large and repack.
On our resources section of our Environmental Education page you will find some Youtube clips with ideas for healthy snacks and lunches.