The Pet's Day

Each year in early November we hold our traditional Pet Show. The  day has remained very similar to what you would have seen  over the last fifty years or more. All sorts of pets, alongside agricultural entries calmly follow the bidding of their young owners who show off their ability to handle their pets and livestock. Winning pet lambs and calves then head off to the Area  competition and Canterbury shows. Each entry has to be accompanied by a carefully designed book of information about the raising and care of the animals.
Not just animals are brought along on Pets Day. We have competitions for many types of baking from scones to amazing decorated cakes. Flower shows and vegetable creations, Art, Lego construction, Junk creations and Handcraft make some of the other entries.The day is huge fun for children, parents, grandparents and even the animals seem to take it in good part as they are proudly led around school.

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