Agricultural Club Championship Day


Participants will need to have attended a school pet parade day and an Area/Group day within their Region. 

Classes will include dairy and beef calves, lambs, goats, pigs, poultry, alpacas and llamas. 

The classes will be split into two age group sections: Juniors being years 1-4, and Seniors years 5-8.

All children that qualify to attend the Championship Day will need to have completed a full project on the care, handling and rearing of the pet.  These project books will need to be handed into the office of the Canterbury A&P Association at Canterbury Agricultural Park, Curletts Road, Christchurch by the specified date included in the notice to schools (approximately two weeks before judging date).

Two animals in different sections can be entered by the same child, provided that both animals have qualified i.e. project book, attended area group day etc.
Project Book

Important: Please label your project with your full name, school, year and category you will be competing in i.e. John Smith, Year 3, Springston School, Dairy Calves.  

Commitment: Responsibility of the animal carer (a log or diary might help). It is expected that this is a shared and educational task within the family, but evidence of pupil involvement is essential.

Knowledge: Hopefully this is a learning experience. An extension showing interest, say,  in the future of the animal once it leaves the farm or particular foods that are appropriate or features that are relevant to your animal.

Presentation: Some presentations are done with a computer and that is just fine, but as primary school is the only place and time where writing is taught, a well presented hand written document is equally as acceptable.


The judging date will be the Thursday following the Canterbury A&P Show annually, commencing at approximately 10am.Venue will be Canterbury Agricultural Park, either adjacent to the stables or on the Cattle Lawns as notified in the notice to schools or on the day.  Access off Curletts Road only.

Participants must locate the event office and receive their judging number for the day.Participants will be asked to parade animals in their ring (where applicable) before being interviewed individually by the judge.

The animal that is being judged must be the animals the project book is completed on unless the animal is unable to attend due to illness. 
Another animal may be substituted at the judges’ discretion. Please advise prior to the event if the animal you are bringing differs to the animal the project book was completed on.

School Uniform is appropriate dress for this event.

At the completion of judging the scores from the following sections will be tallied:
  • Care & Attention (40)
  • Leading & Handling (30)
  • Project Book (30)
  • Type (dairy calves only) (20)

The following cups will be awarded
  • Springston Trophy – Junior Champion Lamb
  • WL Dawber Trophy  – Senior Champion Lamb
  • Tai Tapu Cup – Senior Dairy Calf
  • CFM (Canterbury Frozen Meat) – Senior Beef Calf

Presentation of Awards

The first three placegetters of each section and age group will be awarded ribbons, and Champion and Reserve of each class and age group receiving sashes. Cups won the previous year must be returned, cleaned and engraved before or on the day of judging.