Year 7-8 at Tai Tapu School

Special Character

Early adolescents enjoy learning about what is important and meaningful to them in an environment where they have some choice and a real say in what and how they learn. There also remains an emphasis on developing skills to a high level in literacy and numeracy. it is important to develop ākonga (student) agency where our tamariki (children) can direct their own learning, make choices and engage with the wide community of learners.
While fully a part of the school we also recognise that the needs of Year 7 and Year 8 tamariki are in some respects unique.  We make specific provision for those needs within targeted and academic programmes  
At Tai Tapu School endeavour to grow senior ākonga that have agency and self determination. We do this by focusing on the following:
  • Values based learning
  • DARE Projects – Enterprise
  • Sports with a focus  on fair play and positive competitiveness
  • Global citizenship
  • Cultural diversity
  • Positive Relationships
  • Wellbeing and mindfulness
  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • Environmental Education
  • Participation in the local community
  • Key competencies


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Advantages of a Full Primary at Tai Tapu School

  • ·Education within a safe semi-rural environment comparatively free from the pressures and diversions of a large urban school·      
  • Opportunities to develop leadership attributes as school seniors·       
  • Education in an environment where tamariki feel safe and where individual tamariki are valued for their unique disposition and talents·      
  • Education in a school where these tamariki are already well known by Kaiako.· 
  • This aids in the quick transfer of relevant information to the receiving Kaiako·       
  • Skills and interests are already known and any potential problems can be dealt with quickly·       
  • Education within a peer group large enough to develop an age appropriate network of friends but not so large as to generate many of the problems associated with a large number of early adolescents·       
  • Education within an environment which is closely monitored

Specific Year 7 and Year 8 programme that Tai Tapu School offers

  • Class numbers tend to be lower than in most urban schools. 
  • Class numbers are usually in the mid twenties enabling more individualised instruction and better access to learning resources.·      
  • Specialist teaching in Music, The Arts (on site) and  Science, Technology (off site). We use digital technologies to enhance the learning experience.  Our collaborative teaching model ensures Kaiako have the opportunity to specialise in areas of strength (as occurs in larger schools) and accustoms tamariki to the experience of multiple teachers.·  
  • Instruction in goal setting, time management, study skills and test technique·       
  • Participation in leadership and community services programmes·       
  • We value excellent student relationships ensuring lessons occur without disruption in a fashion most conducive to effective learning·       
  • Specific programmes tailored for children ages 11 to 13.  
  • These include advanced study skills and thinking skills programmes·       
Numerous opportunities for extension including:
  • Inquiry Based Learning 
  • Otago Maths Challenge 
  • Environmental Sustainability Education
  • The Performance Arts
  • Australian Schools English and Maths Competitions 
  • A variety of extension programmes including access to the Connecting Minds Programme·       
  • Opportunities for individualised monitoring and instruction in areas of need·       
  • Instruction in use of computers and associated technologies·       
  • Excellent outdoor education and sports programmes·       
  • Secondary school bridging programmes which ensure the best possible preparation for secondary school.·       
  • Staff who are highly accessible and committed to working in close partnership with parents·       
  • A firm commitment to teaching core basic skills in English & Maths·       
  • Opportunities to develop skills in areas of interest.

Preparation for Secondary School

We take seriously our responsibility to prepare our seniors for secondary school.  We have regular liaison with our secondary school to help ensure that our seniors are prepared academically and socially for this important step. Tai Tapu School is part of a Kahui Ako Learning cluster that includes our local Secondary School. This provides us with many opportunities to develop direct learning pathways for our year 8 tamariki.